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When Ernest Francillon opened up up up up somewhat factory, which started to produce twelve several weeks afterwards, the story of Longines started in 1866. To prevent themselves from imitation , for instance top quality Longines replica watches, Francillon made the decision to trademark the dials on his watches acquiring a winged clepsydra combined with the word "Longines".The very first Longines watches proven in the united states . states in 1868. A few years later, Longines was granted a gold medal for precision and reliability within the Universal Exposition of Vienna.The summer season 2007 marked the 175-th anniversary of Longines the watchmaking industry heritage. The company, with manufacture facilities established in Saint-Imier, Europe since 1832, marked the occasion through holding festivities within the Genevan Cite du Temps.

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Incorporated inside the 175-th anniversary, Longines has additionally launched its new jewel-be careful for ladies recognized to as Longines 175 Diamonds.The Longines 175 Diamonds is recognized as since the elegant and delicate approach to commemorate the brand's anniversary and please the brand's female clientele.The Longines Master Collection Retrograde created for males might be a fine illustration showing wealthy the watchmaking industry heritage and continuous search for new methods for showing elegance. The company-new Longines watch is outfitted by permitting an analog mechanical quality, exclusively created for Longines by ETA.The very first wrist chronographs to appear inside the sports market were noticed in 1910s. Furthermore, Longines produced military watches for World War, a couple of within the, with pierced shrapnel covers, "demi-hunter" cased types, although some for use at sea plus mid-air.

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