Best leather straps u-boat thousands of feet chronograph watches online review

This watch is a little different from other U-Boat replica watches, it has a square dial and smaller crown. 50mm brushed finish black stainless steel case, black dial with white hour markers and black glass, the U-boat Thousands of Feet replica watch also is a popular and amazing watch.

This U-boat Thousands of Feet Replica watch has a clean round dial. There are just Arabic numeral hour markers and two sword lugs. Well, it is very easy for you to read the time directly. With a scratch spphire crystal, the delicated movement is visible. This amazing watch is water resistant to 100 meters. At the biginning, I thought this watch is water resistant to 1000m then it called Thousands of feet. But actually, 100m water resistanse is enough for you to wear it everywhere. You will have a black calf leather strap.