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Swiss Replica Watches,Omega Replica,Omega Replica Watches

MCT Swiss Replica Watches,Omega Replica,Omega Replica Watches stands to represent 'Manufacture Contemporaine des Temps'. Omega Replica Watches This means, once translated from French: Contemporary Time Manufacture. This suits the watches very well. The MCT Sequential Two's way of displaying time is modern, unique Omega Replica Watches and exceptional. We call this contemporary watchmaking in a sense. The MCT Sequential Two S200 is already available in Red Gold or White Gold. Now, it's also available in black DLC limited edition with colored accents.MCT launched their first watch in 2008 with the Sequential One S100. It was an impressive first attempt. MCT's main goal was to create watches that were Omega Replica Watches unique and easy to read. MCT created a modern, fun, and innovative watch by using four rotating modules with prisms to display the hours and a retrograde hand at 270deg for minutes. A central module moves from 90deg every hour to make it easy to read. Although the mechanism is complex, it is very easy to Omega Replica Watches read. The first watch came in a 45mm square box, but the brand's second model was made in a rounder case. It was the MCT Sequential Two S200, and is the basis for a limited edition of Black DLCed White Gold and brightly coloured Omega Replica Watches numerals.

Technically swiss replica watches, the new limited editions use the same base as the MCT Omega Replica Watches Sequential Two. This means that we are in front of an interesting piece of horology. Baselworld introduced the S200 last year in two gold editions, red and white. The new watch uses the same rotating prisms mechanism as the Sequential One. Omega Replica Watches However, it has a more round case which changes the perception of the timepiece. Many aspects of the movement and display were also improved. The MCT Sequential Two watch is more than a case. It's a brand new watch with MCT's DNA.First, we need to understand the mechanism of this watch in order to fully appreciate what it is. Our executive editor described it in his previous article as follows: "The first problem is that the C shape, which is in relief with "Manufacture Contemporaine Du Temps", Omega Replica Watches rotates against clockwise. The actual hour is revealed by the C-shape's 90 degree opening. Five prisms rotate to display the correct hour. The minute hand at the center of the dial indicates the minutes along a track that runs around the perimeter. Omega Replica Watches The hour is revealed by the opening of this 'C-shape arc, which rotates 90 degrees anticlockwise every hour. The hours must be read at four locations on the dial: 12, 6, and 9 o'clock.Omega Replica Watches

The C-Shape arch was used previously on the S100 to indicate the Omega Replica Watches minute track. This meant that the minutes were displayed at 270deg. To make it easier to read, the minutes are now displayed on a 360deg track. While the new display makes it Omega Replica Watcheseasier for you to read the time, the magic of the jumping arc and rotating prisms remains. The movement is the other novelty. The MCT Sequential One used a mechanical hand-Omega Replica Watches winding motion, but the MCT Sequential Two uses a self-winding mechanism. It relies on a microrotor in 21k Gold to keep it slim. MCT is the exclusive developer of this movement. The movement features stunning finishes such as polished beveled Omega Replica Watches angles and Geneva Stripes. It also has perlage on its main plate and a modern layout.Omega Replica Watches

MCT has Replica Watches introduced limited editions of limited editions in 2015 that Omega Replica Watches are based on a combination of bright and black colours. The case is now made from 18K gold with black DLC. It is quite unusual to see such a coating on precious metals. Black DLC Omega Replica Watches applied to white gold creates a unique transparency which reveals the various finishes of the case, including mirror polished surfaces or brushed surfaces. The render is also more accurate than any other material. The case with its exceptional Omega Replica Watches architectural lugs, dial, prisms, and strap are all black. MCT decided to liven up this dark and cold scheme by adding a brightly coloured number and matching stitchings to the strap. MCT Sequential Two is sportier than a precious metal and may be smaller.Omega Replica Watches